Thomas the apostle.

One of the twelve.

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Gospel of Thomas.
Infancy gospel of Thomas.

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Acts of Thomas.

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Thomas, also called Didymus, was one of the twelve disciples. He makes the second quartet of every canonical list of the twelve disciples in Matthew 10.3 = Mark 3.18 = Luke 6.15 and Acts 1.13. Apart from this inconspicuous appearance on a list of names he is never again named in the three synoptic gospels, but he appears several times in John. When Jesus proposes to visit Bethany in Judea after the death of Lazarus, despite the danger from the Jews, it is Thomas who volunteers to go and die with him in John 11.16. In John 14.5 Thomas asks how to go whither Jesus is about to go. John 20.24-29 narrates the famous episode that has won Didymus the infamous nickname, doubting Thomas.