Synoptic summary statements.

Miniature snapshots of the ministry of Jesus.

Certain passages in the synoptic gospels stand out as general summaries rather than specific narratives. I dub such passages summary statements. The table below is meant to list and link to them conveniently, as well as summarize them according to which gospel contains which elements of the summary.

M: Matthew.
K: Mark.
L: Luke.

Passages (in Marcan order). Elements.
Matthew. Mark. Luke.
4.12, 17 1.14-15 4.14-15 Rumor spreads (L); Jesus teaches in the synagogues (L), glorified by all (L), and calls for repentance (M+K) in Galilee (M+K+L).
7.28b-29 1.21b-22 4.31b-32 Jesus teaches in the synagogues on the sabbath days (K+L), and the crowds (M) are amazed at his teaching (M+K+L), since his word (L) or teaching (M+K) is with authority (M+K+L), unlike the scribes (M+K).
8.16-17 1.32, 34 4.40-41 Jesus casts out demons (M+K+L), not allowing them to speak (K+L), and heals (K+L) or carries away (M) various diseases (M+K+L), illnesses (M+K), and sicknesses (M+L).
4.23 1.39 4.44 Jesus walks about (M), teaching (M) and preaching (M+K+L) in the synagogues (M+K+L) of Galilee (M+K) or of Judea (L), healing diseases and maladies (M).
4.24 - - Rumor spreads to Syria (M); Jesus heals the diseased and tormented, as well as the demoniacs, lunatics, and paralytics (M).
4.25 3.7-8 6.17-18a A crowd follows Jesus from Galilee (M+K), Decapolis (M), Judea (M+K+L), Jerusalem (M+K+L), Idumea (K), beyond the Jordan (M+K), and around Tyre and Sidon (K+L).
12.15-16 3.10-12 6.18b Jesus heals (M+K+L) people of disease (L), unclean spirits (K+L), and afflictions (K), warning the people (M) or the spirits (K) not to make him known (M+K). People wish to touch Jesus (K+L) because of the power to cure that comes from him (L).
9.35a 6.6b 13.22 Jesus goes about (M+K) or journeys (L) by cities (M+L) and villages (M+K+L), teaching (M+K+L) in the synagogues (M) on his way to Jerusalem (L).
9.35b - 8.1 Jesus preaches the gospel of the kingdom (M+L) and heals every disease and malady (M).
14.35-36 6.54-56 - People bring their sick to Jesus (M+K), or he goes to cities, to villages, or into the country (K), and they beg him to let them touch the fringe of his clothing (M+K), and as many as touch it are cured (M+K).
19.2 10.1 9.51 Crowds (M+K) follow (M) or journey to (K) Jesus, and he heals them (M) and teaches them, as is his custom (K).

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