Listed inventory of the gospel of John.

In the Johannine order according to synoptic divisions.

This inventory lists every passage or pericope present in the gospel of John. It must be noted that these pericopes are not usually divided up according to the flow of the gospel itself, but rather according to the constraints of the synoptic problem, id est, the Johannine parallels to synoptic passages. A division of the gospel of John on its own merits is, of course, a worthy enterprise, but the present inventory is earmarked for service to the synoptic problem:

1.1-18. In the beginning.
1.19-23. The testimony of John.
1.24-28. The preaching of John.
1.29-34. The baptism of Jesus.
1.35-51. The call of the disciples.
2.1-11. The wedding in Cana.
2.12-13. In Capernaum and Jerusalem.
2.14-22. The temple incident.
2.23-25. Knowing what is in man.
3.1-21. Jesus and Nicodemus.
3.22-24. Jesus and John.
3.25-36. The testimony of John to Jesus.
4.1-3. More disciples than John.
4.4-42. The Samaritan woman.
4.43-45. A prophet has no honor.
4.46-54. The healing for a royal official.
5.1-47. The healing at the pool.
6.1-2. To the other side of Galilee.
6.3-15. The feeding of the five thousand.
6.16-21. Walking upon the sea.
6.22-25. The crowd seeking Jesus.
6.26-59. Eating flesh and drinking blood.
6.60-66. A hard word.
6.67-71. We have believed.
7.1-9. Remaining in Galilee.
7.10-13. Secretly to Jerusalem.
7.14-39. Teaching in the temple.
7.40-52. A schism among the crowd.
7.53-8.11. The adulterous woman.
8.12-20. The light of the world.
8.21-29. Speaking about the father.
8.30-36. The truth will set you free.
8.37-47. Of Abraham or of the devil.
8.48-59. Before Abraham.
9.1-41. The healing of a blind man.
10.1-18. The good shepherd.
10.19-21. A schism among the Jews again.
10.22-39. I and the father are one.
10.40-42. Beyond the Jordan.
11.1-44. The raising of Lazarus.
11.45-53. The plot to kill Jesus.
11.54-57. Remaining at Ephraim.
12.1-8. The anointing of Jesus.
12.9-11. The plot to kill Lazarus.
12.12-19. The triumphal entry.
12.20-22. Jesus and the Greeks.
12.23-24. The hour has come.
12.25. Losing and keeping.
12.26. Follow me.
12.27. My soul is troubled.
12.28-30. The voice from heaven.
12.31-36. The son of man exalted.
12.37-43. Seeing his glory.
12.44-50. Not to judge but to save.
13.1-19. The footwashing.
13.20. Receiving the sender.
13.21-30. One of you will betray me.
13.31-35. A new commandment.
13.36-38. Denials predicted.
14.1-31. Let not your heart be troubled.
15.1-17. The vine and the branches.
15.18-27. The world hates you.
16.1-15. The spirit of truth.
16.16-22. Sorrow to joy.
16.23-24. Ask and it shall be given.
16.25-33. In proverbs.
17.1-26. The prayer to the father.
18.1. The garden across the Kidron.
18.2-14. Betrayed by Judas.
18.15-18. Peter at the fire, part 1.
18.19-24. Jesus before Annas.
18.25-27. Peter at the fire, part 2.
18.28. To the praetorium.
18.29-40. Jesus before Pilate.
19.1-3. The mocking of Jesus.
19.4-15. Behold, the man.
19.16. To be crucified.
19.17a. Carrying the cross.
19.17b-24. The crucifixion of Jesus.
19.25-27. Beside the cross.
19.28-30. The death of Jesus.
19.31-37. Blood and water.
19.38-42. The burial of Jesus.
20.1. The visit to the tomb.
20.2-10. Peter and the other disciple at the tomb.
20.11-17. The appearance to Mary.
20.18. The announcement to the disciples.
20.19-23. The appearance to the eleven without Thomas.
20.24-29. The appearance to the eleven with Thomas.
20.30-31. Many other signs.
21.1-14. The great catch of fish.
21.15-23. The restoration of Peter.
21.24. The disciple who testifies.
21.25. Many other things.

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