Hermas of Rome.

Counted among the apostolic fathers.

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Shepherd of Hermas.

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Apostolic fathers.

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The Shepherd, by its own account, was written in Rome (Vision 1.1.1) by a certain Hermas (Vision 1.1.4, et alii). Is this the same Hermas whom Paul addresses in Romans 16.14? No one knows for certain.

Jerome, On Famous Men 10:

Herman, cuius apostolus Paulus ad Romanos scribens meminit: Salutate Asyncritum, Phlegonta, Herman, Patroban, Hermen, et qui cum eis fratres sunt, asserunt auctorem esse libri qui appellatur pastor et apud quasdam Graeciae ecclesias iam publice legitur. revera utilis liber, multique de eo scriptorum veterum usurpavere testimonia, sed apud Latinos pene ignotus est.

Hermas, whom the apostle Paul mentions in writing to the Romans: Salute Phlegon, Hermes, Patrobas, Hermas, and the brethren that are with them, they assert to be the author of the book which is called the Shepherd and which is also read publicly in some churches of Greece. It is in fact a useful book and many of the ancient writers use testimonies from it, but among the Latins it is almost unknown.