Codex Bezae.

D or 05.

Date and location.
Century V; Cambridge University, Cambridge, England.

Available scan(s).
Biblical Manuscripts Project (volume 1 title page and volume 2 title page):

Scans of codex Bezae (Amsterdam NT Blog; if a user name and password are required on the scan pages, use any and any).

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Gospel manuscripts.

Codex Bezae is so named because it once belonged to Theodore Beza, friend and successor of John Calvin. It is a Greek and Latin diglot whose Greek half might be called an eccentric western text. Its Latin half is notated as d amongst the Old Latin manuscripts. Note that Bezae contains only the four gospels (in the western order of Matthew, John, Luke, and Mark, or apostles before followers), 3 John, and the Acts of the Apostles; manuscript D for the Pauline epistles is actually codex Claramontanus, another Greek and Latin diglot also once owned by Theodore Beza!