Codex Alexandrinus.

A or 02.

Date and location.
Century V; Alexandria to the British Museum, London, England.

Available scan(s).
Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts (index, British Museum facsimile edition):

Matthew (headings and 1.1-25.6a missing) 25.6b-35a; 25.35b-26.19a; 26.19b-46a; 26.46b-73a; 26.73b-27.28a; 27.28b-58a; 27.58b-28.19a; 28.19b-28.20.
Mark (headings) 1.1-30a; 1.30b-2.13; 2.14-3.8a; 3.8b-4.3a; 4.3b-32a; 4.32b-5.19; 5.20-6.3a; 6.3b-27a; 6.27b-54a; 6.54b-7.23; 7.24-8.14; 8.15-9.2a; 9.2b-29a; 9.29b-10.15a; 10.15b-32a; 10.32b-11.7a; 11.7b-33a; 11.33b-12.25a; 12.25b-13.5a; 13.5b-32a; 13.32b-14.23a; 14.23b-49; 14.50-15.5; 15.6-36; 15.37-16.16; 16.17-20.
Luke (headings and more headings) 1.1-27a; 1.27b-59a; 1.59b-2.11a; 2.11b-38a; 2.38b-3.11a; 3.11b-4.3a; 4.3b-29; 4.30-5.9a; 5.9b-32a; 5.32b-6.17a; 6.17b-42a; 6.42b-7.16a; 7.16b-39a; 7.39b-8.14a; 8.14b-35; 8.36-9.5; 9.6-27; 9.28-49a; 9.49b-10.13a; 10.13b-36a; 10.36b-11.18a; 11.18b-42a; 11.42b-12.10a; 12.10b-38a; 12.38b-13.4a; 13.4b-28a; 13.28b-14.17a; 14.17b-15.7a; 15.7b-16.1a; 16.1b-24a; 16.24b-17.16; 17.17-18.8; 18.9-36a; 18.36b-19.23a; 19.23b-20.6a; 20.6b-35a; 20.35b-21.21a; 21.21b-22.12a; 22.12b-42a; 22.42b-23.3a; 23.3b-33a; 23.33b-24.5a; 24.5b-32a; 24.32b-53.
John (headings) 1.1-18; 1.19-44; 1.45-2.18; 2.19-3.19; 3.20-4.13a; 4.13b-41; 4.42-5.14a; 5.14b-40a; 5.40b-6.22a; 6.22b-50a; 6.50b-8.52a missing; 8.52b-9.19a; 9.19b-10.7a; 10.7b-38a; 10.38b-11.30a; 11.30b-57a; 11.57b-12.27; 12.28-13.5a; 13.5b-36a; 13.36b-14.28a; 14.28b-15.26a; 15.26b-16.29a; 16.29b-17.24; 17.25-18.25a; 18.25b-19.10a; 19.10b-36a; 19.36b-20.20a; 20.20b-21.15a; 21.15b-21.25.
Acts 1.1-24a; 1.24b-2.23a; 2.23b-3.2; 3.3-4.3; 4.4-31a; 4.31b-5.21a; 5.21b-6.3a; 6.3b-7.14a; 7.14b-42a; 7.42b-8.10a; 8.10b-39a; 8.39b-9.27a; 9.27b-10.10; 10.11-36; 10.37-11.16a; 11.16b-12.10a; 12.10b-13.7a; 13.7b-32; 13.33-14.8a; 14.8b-15.4a; 15.4b-30a; 15.30b-16.15a; 16.15b-38; 16.39-17.20a; 17.20b-18.12a; 18.12b-19.10a; 19.10b-33a; 19.33b-20.16; 20.17-21.5a; 21.5b-27a; 21.27b-22.10a; 22.10b-23.6a; 23.6b-27; 23.28-24.21; 24.22-25.15; 25.16-26.11a; 26.11b-27.3a; 27.3b-28; 27.29-28.7; 28.8-30a; 28.30b-31.
James 1.1-15; 1.16-2.14; 2.15-3.16; 3.17-5.8a; 5.8b-20.
1 Peter 1.1-13a; 1.13b-2.16a; 2.16b-3.16a; 3.16b-5.1a; 5.1b-14.
2 Peter 1.1-14 1.15-2.16a; 2.16b-3.16a; 3.16b-18.
1 John 1.1-2.9a; 2.9b-3.5a; 3.5b-4.4a; 4.4b-5.9a; 5.9b-21.
2 John [1.]1-13.
3 John [1.]1-15.
Jude [1.]1-12a; [1.]12b-25.
Romans 1.1-27; 1.28-2.26a; 2.26b-3.31; 4.1-5.3a; 5.3b-6.9; 6.10-7.13a; 7.13b-8.20a; 8.20b-9.11; 9.12-10.10a; 10.10b-11.20a; 11.20b-12.14; 12.15-14.8a; 14.8b-15.11a; 15.11b-16.4a; 16.4b-27.
1 Corinthians 1.1-30; 1.31-3.13a; 3.13b-4.18a; 4.18b-6.18a; 6.18b-7.30a; 7.30b-9.6; 9.7-10.8a; 10.8b-11.6a; 11.6b-12.3a; 12.3b-13.3; 13.4-14.20; 14.21-15.12a; 15.12b-44a; 15.44b-16.15a; 16.15b-24.
2 Corinthians 1.1-16a; 1.16b-3.5a; 3.5b-4.13a; 4.13b-12.6 missing; 12.7-13.9a; 13.9b-13.
Galatians 1.1-14; 1.15-2.17a; 2.17b-3.24a; 3.24b-4.30a; 4.30b-6.7; 6.8-18.
Ephesians 1.1-14a; 1.14b-2.16a; 2.16b-4.4a; 4.4b-32; 5.1-33a; 5.33b-6.24.
Philippians 1.1-29a; 1.29b-2.30a; 2.30b-4.8a; 4.8b-23.
Colossians 1.1-13 1.14-2.8a; 2.8b-3.15a; 3.15b-4.18.
1 Thessalonians 1.1-2.13a; 2.13b-4.5a; 4.5b-5.15a; 5.15b-28.
2 Thessalonians 1.1-12a 1.12b-3.10; 3.11-18.
Hebrews 1.1-13a; 1.13b-3.6; 3.7-4.13; 4.14-6.10a; 6.10b-7.16a; 7.16b-8.12a; 8.12b-9.23; 9.24-10.23a; 10.23b-11.10a; 11.10b-11.35; 11.36-12.23a; 12.23b-13.21a; 13.21b-25.
1 Timothy 1.1-15a; 1.15b-3.13; 3.14-5.13a; 5.13b-6.14a; 6.14b-21.
2 Timothy 1.1-12a; 1.12b-2.22a; 2.22b-4.5; 4.6-22.
Titus 1.1-2.12; 2.13-3.15.
Philemon [1.]1-25.
Revelation (blank) 1.1-2.7; 2.8-3.5a; 3.5b-4.8a; 4.8b-6.7a; 6.7b-7.14a; 7.14b-9.6a; 9.6b-10.8a; 10.8b-11.19a; 11.19b-13.4a; 13.4b-14.7; 14.8-15.8a; 15.8b-17.3a; 17.3b-18.8; 18.9-19.7a; 19.7b-20.6; 20.7-21.14a; 21.14b-22.14a; 22.14b-21.
1 Clement 1.1-3.4a; 3.4b-7.2a; 7.2b-10.4a; 10.4b-13.2a; 13.2b-16.8a; 16.8b-18.11a; 18.11b-21.2a; 21.2b-24.3; 24.4-29.1a; 29.1b-33.3a; 33.3b-35.6a; 35.6b-38.2a; 38.2b-42.2a; 42.2b-45.1; 45.2a-48.1a; 48.1b-51.4a; 51.4b-55.6a; 55.6b-57.6; 57.7-63.4 missing; 64.1-65.2.
2 Clement 1.1-2.2; 2.3-6.1a; 6.1b-9.4a; 9.4b-12.5a; 12.5b-20.5 missing.

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Gospel manuscripts.

Codex Alexandrinus is so named because it came to Europe from Alexandria. Its text type is Alexandrian for most books, but Byzantine for the gospels.