Andrew the apostle.

One of the twelve.

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Andrew was the brother of Simon Peter, and with him was one of the twelve disciples, later the twelve apostles. He is called together with his brother in Matthew 4.18 = Mark 1.16 (John 1.40); refer also to Luke 5.4-7. He makes the first quartet of every canonical list of the twelve disciples in Matthew 10.2 = Mark 3.18 = Luke 6.14 and Acts 1.13. Mark 1.29 notes that his house was the same as that of Simon Peter, and John 1.44 notes that he and his brother were (originally?), like Philip, from Bethsaida. It is Andrew who in John 6.8 asks Jesus the question that leads to the feeding of the five thousand. In John 12.20-22 some Greeks ask Philip about Jesus, and Philip turns right around and tells Andrew before both of them proceed to tell Jesus. In Mark 13.3 Andrew is one of the four disciples who hear the Olivet discourse.