The great tribulation (or days of vengeance).

Matthew 24.19-22 = Mark 13.17-20 = Luke 21.21b-24.

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Notes and quotes.

§ I note a single agreement between Matthew and Luke against Mark:

  • Matthew 24.21 has θλιψις μεγαλη (great tribulation). Luke 21.23 has αναγκη μεγαλη (great distress). Mark 13.19 has only θλιψις (tribulation).

§ Barnabas 4.3:

Το τελειον σκανδαλον ηγγικεν, περι ου γεγραπται, ως Ενωχ λεγει· Εις τουτο γαρ ο δεσποτης συντετμηκεν τους καιρους και τας ημερας, ινα ταχυνη ο ηγαπημενος αυτου και επι την κληρονομιαν ηξη.

The last scandal has drawn near, about which it is written, as Enoch says: For this reason the master has cut off the seasons and the days, in order that his beloved one might hasten and come upon the inheritance.