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A Professional Grade Fully Featured Yet So Simple to Use Ebook Compiling Software... available now at a Ridiculously LOW Introductory Price!

And Believe It Or Not . . .

Keep Every Penny of Each Sale You Make!


From: Dave MacGregor.

Okay, you want to know. So let's get this out of the way right now. Easy Ebook Creator is priced at the ridiculously low sum of $19.97 USD.

Surprised? Lots of others are too. Yet I have my reasons for offering you this outrageous value. I'll tell you why in a minute.

But right now, several of my fellow software developers and emarketers are telling me that I'm literally "shooting myself in the foot" by offering Easy Ebook Creator at that price.

They say that YOU will mistakenly think Easy Ebook Creator is just another piece of cheapo Mickey-Mouse software . . . (you know the kind they're talking about. You've seen it everywhere.)

They say that YOU will think I cranked out Easy Ebook Creator in a big hurry just to have something to sell for twenty bucks.

Well DON'T think that for a minute . . . because nothing could be further from the truth. This is a high grade software application. And I'm willing to PROVE it to you by letting you try out Easy Ebook Creator absolutely free of charge.

But first I want you to realize that Easy Ebook Creator is a . . .

Fully-Featured Professional Grade Software.


It has all the same working options as some other very widely used ebook compilers that go for 4 - 6 times what we're asking here. Yet Easy Ebook Creator has one huge and glaring difference . . .

The Learning Curve is Practically FLAT!

It really is THAT easy to use. Oh sure, I've included a detailed and complete user manual . . . along with handy "tip buttons" at every stage of the compiling process.

But rather than wasting precious hours trying to figure out which buttons to push first, I think you will more than likely find yourself compiling your first ebook within about 5 minutes. Easy Ebook Creator really is THAT easy to use. It is built that way.

Still, you'll quickly see that Easy Ebook Creator provides all the professional grade options you need to quickly produce the sort of clean formatted high quality ebooks that your own customers demand.

See for yourself . . .

    - Fully customizable toolbar for your customer's convenience - Print, Search, and Copy functions can be enabled or disabled.

    - Various screen sizing options for ease in reading. You decide which option(s) best suits your product and your customer's needs.

    - Programmable trial period/expiry and registration function allows you to offer 'sample' downloads to your customers.

    - Password protect page function - even individual pages within any ebook can be locked. Your customer must order to gain access to the 'good stuff.'

    - Password protect ebook function - you can protect your ebook from prying eyes by giving it a password so that only those that have the key can open the box

    - Absolute expiry - you can set a date at which point in time the ebook will cease to open

    - Customized Buttons - you can select the default buttons and change the text on each or use your own button set. Either way, both can have any text appended - ideal for foreign language ebooks.

    - Custom logo function to set your products apart from the crowd. Your ebooks can be easily recognized worldwide on any pc.

    - Drag-and-Drop file selection allows you to import and compile files from any folder or even several different folders on your hard drive. No need to waste time creating special file folders before compiling your ebooks.

    - Compact sizing - requires only 526kb on your hard drive.

Congratulations Dave!

You've hit a home run, and I'm flabbergasted . . . the Easy Ebook Creator interface is well laid out and quite professional. Yet it's so quick and simple to use I actually created a perfect test ebook within three minutes of opening the zip file for the first time!

The quality of my finished ebook is just as good as what I compile with my 'other' software (that cost me $80) and the drag-and-drop feature is a real time-saver. I'm personally sold on Easy Ebook Creator. It's absolutely everything you say it is.

I just can't believe you're offering this much quality for so little cash.

Dan B. Cauthron

See, I told you Easy Ebook Creator was no Mickey-Mouse toy of a software. It will literally produce the same professional quality results that you will get with other ebook compilers costing $80 - $100.

So WHY am I asking Only $19.97 USD?

The answer is simple. While this version of Easy Ebook Creator is as good or better than any other ebook software on the market right now (It has been built that way!) I plan to develop an upgrade soon.

I believe that when thousands of people see the exceptional ease of use, the outstanding benefits and features, and the high quality of work done by this version, they will rush to get the next version.

In other words, I want this version of Easy Ebook Creator to be circulated far and wide.

And in the process I want you to be able to offer a sensational value to your own customers, while pocketing some hefty profits for yourself. It's a win/win situation for both you and me . . . and those are much too rare these days.

Now Here Is My 100% Risk Free Guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee of Your Satisfaction I really don't expect this to happen very often, but in case you find yourself dissatisfied with Easy Ebook Creator for any reason at any time in the next 90 days, please let me know. I will issue a full and immediate 100% refund of your purchase price. By the way, that is not a promise . . . it's a FACT.

Whether you intend to use Easy Ebook Creator for your own ebook production, or you just want to offer your customers an outstanding value they will thank you for . . . I doubt that today you will find a better bargain or a better profit opportunity than Easy Ebook Creator at $19.97 USD.

So there is really no reason why you shouldn't order Easy Ebook Creator right now. There is nothing at all to risk, and certainly nothing to lose.

In fact, you have a lot to GAIN. Those $19.97 sales in YOUR pocket can add up fast . . . so order right now before your competitors beat you to it!

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To your sales and success!

P.S. Read this ONLY if you've decided not to order today. One way or another, I want you to experience the phenomenal ease and pleasure of compiling your ebooks with Easy Ebook Creator.

I'm utterly convinced that you will be 'sold' once you try it out. To that end, I'm offering you a no-cost no-obligation trial download of Easy Ebook Creator. Just Click Here to get your trial copy with my compliments.

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