Irenaeus, Against Heresies.

Books 1-5.

Book 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

This English translation of Against Heresies, by Irenaus, bishop of Lyons in Gaul (modern France), is that of the Ante-Nicene Fathers series, and is freely available elsewhere on various web pages. The difference in this version is that links are provided to scans of the edition, in Latin and Greek, by W. Wigan Harvey. These links, which are the page numbers to the two volumes of Harvey, are enclosed in brackets throughout the translation. Each link comes at the head of the portion of English translation that corresponds to the pair of pages to which the link leads.*

* In other words, if you find a word, phrase, or sentence in the English translation for which you would like to consult the original Greek or Latin, all you have to do is to scan backward through the translation to the nearest preceding bracketed link and click on it to access the appropriate page scan.

I have broken the translation up according to how the Latin, not the Greek, is divided in the original, since the Latin is the only constant (the Greek owes itself to various quotations from the church fathers and is only occasional). Fortunately, the Latin and the Greek track together fairly well in the edition by Harvey. It will not, however, always be clear on exactly which link to click for those portions which lie very near the juncture of two different page scans; this is due to the difference in word order between Latin and English.

Very important: The numeration scheme is very different in Harvey than it is in the Ante-Nicene Fathers translation. In books 1-4 the chapters do not line up together, and in book 5 the chapters line up, but the sections often do not. I have therefore linked to the corresponding text, not by chapter or by section.

The scans were extracted from .pdf files available from Christian Hospitality.

Also available are scans of the fragments of Irenaeus that Harvey supplies in his second volume; these are in Greek, Latin, and Syriac only. The first two columns below consist of Syriac fragments from Against Heresies itself; the two columns below consist of fragments from lost works by Irenaeus:

Pages. Fragments. Pages. Fragments. Pages. Fragments. Pages. Fragments.
430-431. 1. 450-451. 21b-24a. 470-471. 1-2a. 490-491. 21-24.
432-433. 2-3a. 452-453. 24b. 472-473. 2b-3a. 492-493. 25-28a.
434-435. 3b-5a. 454-455. 25-26. 474-475. 3b. 494-495. 28b-31a.
436-437. 5b-7a. 456-457. 27-28. 476-477. 3c-5a. 496-497. 31b-33a.
438-439. 7b-10a. 458-459. 29a. 478-479. 5b-8. 498-499. 33b-35a.
440-441. 10b-13a. 460-461. 29b-30. 480-481. 9-12a. 500-501. 35b-36a.
442-443. 13b-15a. 462-463. 31. 482-483. 12b-14a. 502-503. 36b.
444-445. 15b-17a. 464-465. 32a. 484-485. 14b. 504-505. 36c-37a.
446-447. 17b-20a. 466-467. 32b. 486-487. 14c-17. 506-507. 37b-40a.
448-449. 20b-21a. 468-469. 32c. 488-489. 18-20. 508-509. 40b-44.
            510-511. 45-47.

Book 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.