My newsletter.

An ezine is an electronic newsletter sent out periodically by email.

There used to be a ezine, or electronic newsletter, that I sent out exactly once every so often. However, my contributions to this newsletter eventually became so sparse and sporadic that it was no longer worth calling it a newsletter.

Besides, the weblog format has become more and more the standard way of communicating with interested parties concerning a topic of choice. I participate (infrequently) on the Thoughts on Antiquity weblog maintained by Chris Weimer. My contributions to that weblog are more frequent in some seasons of the year than in others, due to my work schedule, but I do post there about updates to my website and about other sundry things. There are also contributions from Chris Weimer himself, from Walter Shandruk, from Roger Pearse (of the Tertullian Project), Chris Zeichmann, and Peter Kirby (of Early Christian Writings).

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