Clark 16, folio 280 verso.

The last page of John.

The gospel of John ends with John 20.29 in K. W. Clark 16, a four-gospel manuscript kept in the special collections room of Perkins Library at Duke University. This parchment codex dates from century XII.

I have perused this book myself and offer a scan of its last page for the consideration of the reader.

However, it seems clear to me that, although the last page of the book itself does not seem to be missing, the text was supposed to continue on (perhaps the last page in the archetype was absent), and therefore that this manuscript does not constitute evidence of a premature ending for the gospel of John. The last few lines run as follows:

                                          Και απεκρι-
[θ]η Θωμας και ειπεν αυτω· ο κ̅ς̅ μου
και ο θ̅ς̅ μου. λεγει αυτω ο Ι̅ς̅· Οτι ε-
ωρακας με πεπιστευκας· μα....

                                 And Thomas
answered and said to him: My Lord
and my God. Jesus says to him: Since
you have seen me you have faith. Bl....

(Ever keeping in mind that my knowledge of miniscule script in medieval manuscripts is quite limited.)

It seems to me that the next words are all set up to be: Μακαριοι οι μη ιδοντες και πιστευσαντες (blessed are those who have not seen and yet have faith).

Furthermore, each page that I myself checked of this book has 21 lines, and the final page of John (folio 280 verso) also has 21 lines.