The catholic epistles.

Seven canonical epistles attributed to apostles other than Paul.

Attributed author(s).
Peter, John, James, Jude.

Text(s) available.
Epistle of James 1-5.
Epistle 1 of Peter 1-5.
Epistle 2 of Peter 1-3.
Epistle 1 of John 1-5.
Epistle 2 of John 1.
Epistle 3 of John 1.
Epistle of Jude 1.

The seven catholic (καθολικος, universal or general) epistles are the epistle of James, the two epistles of Peter, the three epistles of John, and the epistle of Jude.

Prologue to the catholic epistles (Latin text from Daniel J. Theron, Evidence of Tradition, page 89):

Canones novi testamenti: Primus Petrus scripsit, secundus Iacobus, tertius Matheus, quartus Iudas, quintus Paulus, sextus Barnabas, septimus Lucas, octavus Marcus, nonus Iohannes. quare primus Iacobus in ordine epistularum ponitur, cum primus Petrus in ordine canonis scripsit? hac de causa fuit, prerogativa apostolici ordinis, ut quidam interpretantur [significat] vel prestantius est, ut adfirmant alii, ut Petrus ponatur primus, cum primus scripsit. dicunt quidam epistula Iacobi quod ab illo sit edita eius nomine, quorum opinio falsa est.

Canons of the New Testament: Peter wrote first, second James, third Matthew, fourth Jude, fifth Paul, sixth Barnabas, seventh Luke, eighth Mark, ninth John. Why is James placed first in the order of the epistles, when it was Peter who wrote first in the order of the canon? It was for this cause, to wit, the prerogative of the apostolic order, as some interpret it [or as it signifies], or it is, as others affirm, more fitting that Peter should be placed first, since he wrote first. Some, whose opinion is false, say that the epistle of James was edited by Peter in his name.