The buffeting (or smiting) of Jesus.

Matthew 26.67-68 = Mark 14.65 = Luke 22.63-65.

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Notes and quotes.

§ Matthew and Luke agree against Mark in the following instances:

  1. Matthew 26.68 and Luke 22.64 agree in using the participle λεγοντες (saying) instead of the infinitive λεγειν (to say) of Mark 14.65.
  2. Matthew 26.68 and Luke 22.64 both add the question τις εστιν ο παισας σε (who is it who hit you) to the simple command to prophesy (προφητευσον) found in Mark 14.65.

The second agreement is one of the most intractable of the so-called minor agreements, and I classify it among my major agreements.