The acts of Paul.

An apocryphal book of apostolic acts.

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Skeptik (Greek only).
Gnosis (English only).
On site: iFrame text and translation (Greek and English).
On site: 3 Corinthians (Greek and English).

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Acts of Paul at Early Christian Writings.

Refer to the page on Paul. Note that 3 Corinthians is a part of the Acts of Paul. It is purportedly a letter written by Paul to the Corinthian church in response to a letter written by the Corinthians to Paul, which the Acts of Paul also renders.

Tertullian, On Baptism 17.5a:

Quod si quae acta Pauli, quae perperam scripta sunt, exemplum Theclae ad licentiam mulierum docendi tinguendique defendant, sciant in Asia presbyterum qui eam scripturam construxit, quasi titulo Pauli de suo cumulans, convictum atque confessum id se amore Pauli fecisse loco decessisse.

But if certain acts of Paul, which are falsely so named, claim the example of Thecla for allowing women to teach and to baptize, let men know that in Asia the presbyter who compiled that document, thinking to add of his own to the reputation of Paul, was found out, and, though he professed he had done it for love of Paul, he was deposed from his position.